July 21, 2020·8 min read

Twitter video engages audiences and drives action. Find out what different ways you can use video on Twitter and how to do each one well.

In the competitive world of social media marketing, it can be hard to ensure your brand’s efforts stand out from the crowd on an established platform like Twitter. One of the best ways to have your voice heard and to engage your target audience is to leverage one of the fastest growing social tools: Twitter video.

According to statistics gathered by Wordstream, 82% of Twitter users watch video content on the platform. People watch 2 billion videos on Twitter every day, according to research from Hootsuite.

Video content stands out on Twitter amongst a sea of text-based posts. And using Twitter video for your business helps tap into user behaviors already established across the web. In fact, according to Wordstream’s research, one-third of all online activity is now spent watching video.

Online audiences have an appetite for more video content across social networks, which gives your brand an opportunity to capture new audiences with the right Twitter video marketing strategy.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.What Are the Benefits of Using Video on Twitter?
  3. 1.1It’s More Engaging
  4. 1.2It Drives Users to Take Action
  5. 1.3It’s What Users Expect
  6. 2.How to Use Twitter Videos for Your Business
  7. 3.Twitter Linked Videos
  8. 3.1How to Share Vidyard Video Links to Twitter
  9. 4.Twitter Native Video (a.k.a. In-Feed Video)
  10. 4.1Specs for Twitter Native Video
  11. 4.2Twitter Video Best Practices
  12. 4.3How to Share Native Video on Twitter
  13. 4.4Twitter Native Video Metrics
  14. 5.Twitter Live Video (a.k.a. Periscope)
  15. 5.1Specs for Twitter Live Video
  16. 5.2Twitter Live Video Best Practices
  17. 5.3How to Share Live Video on Twitter
  18. 5.4Twitter Live Video Metrics
  19. 6.Twitter Video Ads
  20. 6.1Specs for Twitter Video Ads
  21. 6.2Twitter Video Ads Best Practices
  22. 6.3How to Share Twitter Video Ads
  23. 6.4Twitter Video Ads Metrics

What Are the Benefits of Using Video on Twitter?

There are many reasons why your brand should embrace Twitter video. Video is a particularly social medium, and it’s well suited to both informing and entertaining audiences. It offers a great opportunity for your brand to connect with its audience on a more personal level.

These Twitter video statistics prove why it’s important to use video content on the platform.

It’s More Engaging

Brands that adopt Twitter video—and use it well—are rewarded by users with higher engagement rates.

According to research commissioned by Twitter, Tweets containing videos earn:

  • 2.5x more replies
  • 2.8x more retweets
  • 1.9x more likes

By getting more engagement, your Tweets can reach more Twitter users and attract new audiences to your brand’s account.

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