If you are using HubSpot in your company, you’re probably aware of the automation capabilities of the platform. Workflows and sequences inside Hubspot have brought about a sea change in the lives of sales and marketing professionals.

It saves a lot of time for them by automating manual tasks that require multiple iterations leaving them more productive and focused on core activities like strategy or selling.

Hippo Video’s deep integration with HubSpot provides an unparalleled experience for users by unifying the power of automation with videos. Adding personalized videos to sequences and creating workflows based on video events was the first step for Hippo Video towards achieving a seamless integration. 

An extension of this arm is the new workflow feature built by Hippo Video based on HubSpot’s custom workflow actions API. Simply put, customers will now be able to automate across platforms i.e. trigger actions in Hippo Video from HubSpot.

The custom workflow feature eliminates the need to perform recurring manual tasks upping data accuracy and productivity by being particularly helpful for businesses to grow and scale. 

So, what is the new custom workflow feature and how does it work? 

Using the new custom workflow, contacts are automatically created inside Hippo Video based on an action taken by the lead. The advantage of this workflow is it gives more strength to your cadence by timing the need for engagement, be it first touch or a follow-up.

It can also help marketing and sales teams collaborate seamlessly without losing sight of the lead trigger points and miss out on high-intent leads.

Trigger points that allow automatic contact creation can range from change in contact lifecycle stage, contact submitting a form or visiting a page, or even contacts reaching a certain lead score. 

  1. Login to your Hubspot account and open Workflows.
  2. Create a new contact based workflow.
  3. Set an enrolment trigger. 
  4. It could be anything from page views, forms submissions, contact lifecycle stage etc. depending on when you want to push contacts into Hippo Video.
  5. Click on + to and select Add contact in Hippo Video from the list of actions.
  6. If you do not have a Hippo Video account, you can sign-up from here or from the workflows page in HubSpot.

The functionality will be further enhanced to include video emails being sent out automatically to the contacts created. If you haven’t tried this feature, you can click here to integrate Hubspot with Hippo Video. 

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